Web Design and Development
for your small business.

We build, host and manage your custom website starting at $250 CAD a month.

We take care of all your website needs, so you can focus on your business.

We design and develop custom websites for small businesses anywhere in Canada. Our code is hand-written to ensure the best performance possible, bringing more customers to your website and more revenue to your business.

Website Optimization
Website Optimization

We make sure that your websites accessibility, performance and search engine standards are kept up to date. We do this ensure that you are getting the most organic traffic possible.

Web Development and Design
Web Development and Design

All of our designs are built in house. We provide full customization to fit your business needs. Designs are constantly updated so your website is never out of date.

Website Analytics
Website Analytics

We keep track of your websites to see where your customers are coming from. Using analytics provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business.

No sign up costs.
Just $250 CAD a month.

$0 down for a standard 5 page small business website. Everything you need to grow your online presence. Cancel anytime with no fees or hassle.

Hosting Fees Included

Hosting fees are built right into the monthly payment.

Web Design & Development

Includes continuous design, development, and testing so your website never goes out of date.

Google Analytics

We install Analytics for free to monitor traffic and where it comes from.

7 Day Support

We are available to make updates every day of the week.

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Choose a plan that fits your business needs


Starting at

$250 CAD


Our standard 5 page website.
Let us take care of your website,
while you focus on the rest.

Hosting Fees Included
Web Design & Development
Google Analytics
7 Day Support

Starting at


Need a custom plan that fits
your needs? Contact us to see what
we can do for your website.

Content Management
Logo Design
Custom Graphics

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We build, host and manage fully customized websites
starting at $250 CAD a month.

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